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Modular Kitchen Design & Install Specialists

Full-Service Design & Install Company

You Could Do It Yourself... But Why Would You?

We are Vera Kitchens


Vera helps homeowners take advantage of all that modular cabinet systems have to offer. Modular cabinets provide functionality and versatility to bring creative solutions to any space. However, planning your space with modular systems can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s where we come in. 


From the initial space plan to the last cabinet adjustment, we take care of it all. Vera will connect you with knowledgeable designers and seasoned installers to take the stress out of your renovation. 


Locally owned and operated - with over ten years of experience designing and installing cabinetry, Vera Kitchens is here to take the stress out of your project. 

Spaces Fused with Elegance & Charm

Our Expertise



Need some help getting your project started? Planning is the most important part of any renovation, and measuring things incorrectly can cost valuable time and money.



With countless cabinetry options, different drawer features, and seemingly endless possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to envision and plan your space. With our design service, you work with us to get the most functional space possible by maximizing the space available. We work with you to meet your goals, budget, and timeline.



A professional installation of your cabinets can take the stress out of your renovation and will bring you peace of mind knowing it was done properly. Vera specializes in modular kitchen installations and is here to help make your life a little easier. 

Get inspired by our past projects.

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Vera's Clients

What Our Clients Say

“I got the bathroom I always wanted! We worked with Vera and Kitch and it was such an amazing experience from start to finish!”

Brianna H.

“We finally have the kitchen of our dreams and that’s largely due to Vera! The team is incredible!”

Jon S.

“People haven’t stopped complimenting our navy kitchen! And we love it too! A huge thank you to the Vera team for making our vision come to life!”

Megan G.

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Let’s Start Planning Your Dream Space

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