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Vera is based in Edmonton, AB, and completes projects in all surrounding areas including St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan. We support clients across Canada through our Space Plan and Design package.

Where does Vera operate?

Generally, Kitch products work out to be about double IKEA's price. However, other factors such as project size and complexity may also impact the final pricing. To find out more information contact us today!  

What will a project with Vera Kitchens cost?

Approximately 8-10 weeks. This timeline allows for the product to be delivered and installed onsite. Depending on kitchen size and complexity, the process takes up to one week.

What is the timeline from start to finish? 

Kitch is Vera’s partner in bringing our clients innovative modular components and a unique selection of door fronts and panels made for IKEA® systems and their own KitchBOX system. 

Who is Kitch?

Yes! We can take on any room in your house with our full-service package.

Does Vera Kitchens include service for other spaces in the home?

Vera solely specializes in modular cabinet system design and installation. Our parent companies, Revive Developments, and Kresswell Interiors offer full home renovations, builds, design, and product selection services.

Does Vera do full-scale renovation and design?

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